We Care For You

Pastoral Care at Faith4life

Ministering to You!

Dedicated to ministering to and caring for you. Our passionate team consists of those who have the heart of a shepherd.  Ministers are down front at the end of each service  with the desire to know you and answer any questions you have. Whether you’ve been coming for two years or two weeks, our team want to be there for you.  We look forward to connecting with you.  You can also email us at :  Hello@faith4lifeaus.com.

Holy Communion

As an assembled body of believers, Faith4Life partakes of Communion during Sunday service on the first Sunday of every month.


Marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman with one goal in mind, to remain married for life. Here at Faith4Life, we offer Premarital Counseling for couples.


Faith4Life provides counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and children who are members of our faith community.

Memorial Arrangements

Faith4Life Church provides detailed information regarding policies and procedures for making arrangements for final service, should the need arise.


Water Baptism is a biblical command given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. Water Baptism is subsequent to the New Birth experience.

Baby Dedication

Faith4Life provides Baby Dedication for children of families that are members of church.

Hospital Visitation

If you or an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, spouse, child, or sibling) is taken to hospital, please call the church and a Pastoral Care Minister will return your call and will schedule a visit.